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Welcome to the UKGPL3 Server Website

The UK Grand Prix Legends Server UKGPL3 Website

This is the Season 20 Replays List page of the UKGPL3 server, a United Kingdom based server supporting the UKGPL online racing league for fans of Grand Prix Legends.

This is the Replays List page for Season 20 on the UKGPL3 server. The archive is incomplete but where replays exist you can use the replay links below to download any set of replays which includes the Race result in HTML format and a full GPLRA report as well as the race replay itself. Where replays do not exist, details of the race are listed without a download link. Click on the Series in the Replay List navigation to show the replays and/or details for that particular series or select 'All Series' for all available replays.

SeasonSeriesRoundNotesDateCircuitArchive name
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Our Chief Moderator and the web master for UKGPL3 is BadBlood.

Funded race server hosted by Team 7 Online Racing
Additional servers and replays hosted by BadBlood and Cookie

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